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The Meherrin Nation (Tribe), is a State Recognized Tribe of Native Americans in North Carolina.

                                      Depicted - Wayne Brown, Principal Chief
It is written "Deganahwideh said that a chief must always speak the truth. A chief, must be kind, considerate, generous, and must always consider the welfare of his people. He must give freely of what he owns to his people, especially the poor and less fortunate. He must always be ready to help those of his people who are in want or need. His aid must be given willingly and he must recieve no pay or reward for his services.  He must even be willing to give away his own personal belongings, even skins and meat, if it will better his people by doing so. A chief must never forget the Creator of Mankind. He must even ask the Great Spirit for help and assistance. He must always remember the Laws of the Great Peace. They must come before every other thought."

To this day, we have remained in small communities near the North Carolina and Virginia border, in Hertford, Gates, North Hampton and Bertie Counties, within the state of NC

Meherrin people refer to ourselves as Kauwets'a:ka, meaning "People of the Water."  We are an Iroquois nation- close relatives of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) with whom we share deep historical and cultural ties.  Please explore our website and learn about our rich culture and unique history

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