Raccoon Dance

This is much like Giyo’wa. A water drum and horn rattles are in the center floor space. A slow introduction brings a single file of paired men out, doing a lumbering flat footed stomp. Then the tempo of song and dance increase slightly. The third section introduces the fast Giyo’wa-step dancing at which point the women join in, changing partners as in Giyo’wa. With the conclusion of each song a dancer yelps in imitation of a raccoon.

Format is basically the same as with Moccasin Dance

Songs begin with a slow beat

2 or more singers, usually about 6-10, in the middle, water drum and horn rattles

“Fish” step style of dancing

 Single file, two men lead the dance, other men join in pairs

Men take the lead with a slow stomp step style or by facing their partner and doing a kick step

When the beat changes to a faster tempo, then the fish step style is used

Women join the men, two at a time and join the line between the men so that the line eventually ends up as two men, two women, two men

Song changes beat and the men and women switch places, so that the women that started on the inside of two men, end up on the outside of two men

The song ends with the lead dancer giving a yell, like a “whoop” and the partners stay where they are until the next song, and they will switch places again, when the beat changes