Tribal Seal

The Seal of the Meherrin Indian Tribe / Kauwetsʔa·ka Kayetákreʔ

Our seal is predominantly purple (čutakę́hkuʔ) and white (uhwaryá·kęʔ) – the colors of wampum (čuhtíčhe·θ). White representing peace, understanding, health and prosperity. Purple representing important agreements, serious events, death, and sorrow.

Our people (kayakękwéhstreh) standing in an unbroken circle; represent those that have come before us, our people today, and the next seven generations of Meherrin / Kauwetsʔa·ka that will follow.

Within the circle of our people is the Turtle, a sacred and symbolic meaning in our culture for it is the Turtle who offered his back for refuge to Skywoman falling from the Skyworld to make what is known as Turtle Island.

Growing upwards from the back of Turtle Island stands the Great Tree of Peace with its sacred white roots extending in four directions.

At the top of the Great Tree of Peace sits the eagle, a messenger to the creator and protector of peace, alerting our people if danger approaches.

All of the clans (urʔéhseh) of the Meherrin Indian Tribe are present within the the circle of our people. These being Bear (uhčíhręʔ), Wolf (θkwarì·nę), Snipe (tawístawis), Beaver (čúʔnakęʔ), and Turtle (ráʔkwihs).

As Kauwetsʔa·ka (People of the water) we give thanks daily to the water (à·węʔ) for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. 

Water is Life (à·węʔ awę́·theʔ).