Agriculture & Food Sovereignty


The Agriculture & Food Sovereignty Department is the vehicle by which The Meherrin Indian Tribe pursues the ambitious goal of establishing food sovereignty in the future. What does “Food Sovereignty” look like? In a bright future envisioned by the Meherrin councilors and members who worked to establish this department, the Tribe is able to produce food and food products for the tribal community.


Utilizing Existing Agricultural Resources

The land of the Meherrin Indian Tribe is a valuable asset that is put to use for growing food and medicine for current tribal members and future generations. We hope to one day reclaim more of our Traditional lands which would allow us to increase Food Sovereignty


In addition to providing food for our tribal community we also provide fresh vegetables to local shelters and families experiencing food insecurity.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Councilwoman Denise Wiggins to volunteer for planting and harvesting of the Tribal Garden. PH: 252-209-7712.



Interested in helping, please visit our donation portal