Robin Dance

A head singer and assistant, each with horn rattle, form the head of a single column of dancers, women at the rear. The dancers face inwards and dance in a one-two flat footed side step. Half way through the song signals in the song tell the dancers to turn forward and a half turn to the right so that they face outwards. Between songs they walk slowly facing ahead, as in fact they do during all dances where there is a pause between the songs. With the start of the second song they face outwards and again, at half way, turn forward and then to the left facing inwards and so on until the end of the dance. The male dancers can sing if they wish. but too few know these songs to make this a frequent occurrence.


Head singer and back up singer both with horn rattles

Single file man, woman, man, woman etc.

In some commuities, the women form a single lne behind the men, while other communities the women form a single line beside the men

Begins with shaking of the rattle to start song

As beat begins the dancers begin facing into the middle of the circle, dancing the “stomp step style” (but facing sideways)

Lead singer signifies a change with a yo’-ho’, dancers hop spin to face toward outside of circle. New song begins dancers face outside then hop-spin to face inside. Continuing on.