April 6, 2017 House Bill 586
North Carolina Indian Hunting/Fishing Rights.

House Bill 586

The primary sponsor for House Bill 586 North American Indian Hunting/Fishing Rights was Rep. Charles Graham, a Democrat from Lumberton.

House Bill 586 Filed Wednesday, April 5, 2017

House Bill 586 Passed 1st Reading Wednesday, April 6, 2017

House Bill 586 Referred to the Committee on Wildlife Resources , April 6, 2017

This Bill would have amended GS 113-276(11) to provide an exception to the hunting, trapping, and fishing license requirements for state residents who: (1) are members of a State- or federally-recognized Indian tribe or (2) have an ID card from a Native nation.

The exception applies to hunting, trapping, and fishing off of tribal land (there is an existing licensure exception for those activities on tribal land). Requires that a person relying on the exception still comply with other applicable hunting, fishing, and trapping laws and rules. Does not apply to licenses issued under GS Chapter 113, Articles 14A (Coastal and Estuarine Commercial Fishing Licenses), 14B (Coastal Recreational Fishing Licenses), or 25A (Unified Licenses). Effective October 1, 2017.