Henry Briggs, serving as interpreter from 1705-1726

Henry Briggs, was the official interpreter to the Meherrin and Nottoway. In a Virginia-North Carolina border dispute, he testified that he had been familiar with these Indians (Meherrin) since he was 13 years of age.

Henry Briggs was also used as a Interpreter to the Tuscarora as needed.

Journal of the House of Burgesses at a General Assembly dated April 21st, 23rd, and 24th, 1705, Interpreter Henry Briggs having previously visited the Nottoway Fort, and being aware that he was currently in Williamsburg along with some Meherrin Indians requested that he appear before them to give an account of the number of Men, Women, and Children within the Nottoway Town. Henry Briggs is also asked to bring the Meherrin that are with him so that the House may ask them if they have any matters to address. The following day (April 24, 1705) Henry Briggs presents the House with a written Petition of The Maheron (Meherrin) Indians.

Interpreters Thomas Blunt and Henry Briggs were half brothers.

In 1711 Henry Briggs, who was the official interpreter to the Meherrin, Nottoway and testified that two Meherrin village names were “Cowinchehoccauk” and later, “Tawarra” at the mouth of the Meherrin River.