Parcel 1 Meherrin Reservation

1729 Meherrin Reservation – Parcel 1, currently owned on paper by the State of North Carolina.

Total Acres: 2859.54

Notice: Our Tribe seeks to regain stewardship of our 1729 Reservation lands by collaborating amicably with landowners who currently hold them, as we work towards the repatriation of our ancestral lands.

These lands are currently under the State’s ownership and title, yet we have never ceded or legally  signed them away. By working together with the state, we hope to secure the return of these lands to our Nation, allowing us to safeguard our cultural heritage and continue our ancestral practices for generations to come.

It is suggested that this parcel of land be returned to the Meherrin Indian Tribe as a permanent conservation easement that legally limits the use of this sacred land for conservation efforts.

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This parcel of the 1729 Reservation is currently part of the Chowan Swamp Game Land.