Federal Recognition Acknowledgment Criteria

Acknowledgment Criteria

A. Criterion 83.11(a)-Identifications of Indian entity

1. Introduction -Provide a brief overview of how the petitioner meets criterion 83.11(a) from 1900 to present; the petitioner or its ancestral group, not individuals, must be identified as an Indian entity; external and self-identifications must be of the group as it existed contemporary to the time of the identifications. These identifications must be from 1900 to the present and should be no more than 10 years apart (as shown below). For each time period, provide photocopies or image scans from sources that identify the petitioning group as an Indian entity as required by 83.11 (a). Thoroughly explain how each piece of evidence meets this criterion.

2. 1900 to 1909
3. 1910 to 1919
4. 1920 to 1929
5. 1930to 1939
6. 1940 to 1949
7. 1950 to 1959
8. 1960 to 1969
9. 1970 to 1979
10. 1980 to 1989
11. 1990 to 1999
12. 2000 to 2009
13. 2010 to 2019
13. 2020 to present
14. Summary
15. Provide applicable supporting evidence for each decade
a. Clear, legible photocopy or scanned electronic copy of each piece of supporting evidence
b. Possible transcription and translation of supporting evidence
c. Bibliographical references of supporting evidence preferably on the face of the submitted copies, which would enable OFA to locate the evidence